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A Quick Guide to Creating Instagram Ads for Small Businesses

Using Instagram for your business is a very effective way to get your products seen and get customers and potential customers interested in purchasing from you. This functionality is based on the structure of the Instagram platform which uses images as its most unique selling point. Instagram has evolved over the years to become a business platform for people who run small businesses and as an avenue for launching campaigns for larger companies. For the smaller companies, Instagram offers an opportunity to plan and launch marketing ads that tell specific stories and with specific aims (this is achieved through the call-to-action strategy/button).

In this article, I would like to point out a few tips to consider before commencing work on the creation of Instagram ads for your small business. After explaining these tips to consider and why they are important, I would proceed to give a step-by-step guide on how to create Instagram ads for your small business. This article is specifically important for people who run small businesses and do not have the resources to hire social media experts, so they have to do this themselves. This article would help you avoid certain mistakes.

Determine Who Your Audience is and Where they Are

The first thing to consider before commencing work on creating your Instagram ads is who your target audience actually is. When you determine who you are creating the ads for, it becomes easier to structure the modalities of the ads when creating them. After you have determined whether your audience is made up of teenagers or young women, the next thing is to determine where they are located and whether or not they use or are on Instagram. Also, you can use this opportunity to determine the kinds of hashtags they are engaging in order to know how to position the ads.

Select the Post You Want to Promote

After determining that your audience is on Instagram and finding out the trends they are engaging, the next thing is to select what type of Instagram ad you want to create. You can choose from photo adverts, video adverts, stories advert and carousel adverts. Depending on which type you choose, you can now proceed to select the post you want to promote and click on the “promote” button. It helps to use images that blend into the Instagram feed seamlessly.

Choose an Objective

This is where you set the objective of your ad. If you want to get increased followers, you can choose “Get more profile visits”, if you want to direct people to your website, you can select “Get more website visits” and if you want to drive foot traffic to your local business, then it is ideal to choose “Reach people near an address” option.

Set Call-To-Action and Target Audience

The CTA is often based on the objective of the ad itself. So, it could be “Watch More”, “Shop Now”, “Sign Up”, “Contact Us”, etc. then you are required to enter the other values and details of the target audience. When you have done this, you can now launch the ad and measure performance subsequently.

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