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Entrepreneurship Tips That Can Be Picked Up From The Electric Car Mogul

Born in South Africa, moved to the fabled Silicon Valley, best known as the CEO of Tesla Motors, Elon Musk is one of the wealthiest people in the world, having amassed his millions in the field of technology. The electric car mogul has been in the thick of many businesses, with the most prominent of his strides being in the electric car business. Often described as a builder and inventor, the tech entrepreneur is one of the planet’s greatest achievers, and here are some lessons you can learn from him.

Let Your Vision Be Mighty

It’s something the most successful business persons have, from Musk himself to Jeff Bezos, Warren Buffet and even Donald Trump. Such powerful visions are shared with their teams, an effort to chart a sure path regarding how they will achieve it. Just like that of this South African turned American, the revolutionary visions do not just have a positive effect, but also completely change the way the industry operates. This entrepreneur also co-founded PayPal and transformed the industry of money transfer across the world. With this and many other ripples, Elon teaches us that we have a transformational and compelling vision to succeed.

Hire Talent, Not Numbers

Some entrepreneurs tackle Herculean problems while trying to throw many warm bodies at them. But that’s very unlike the Tesla guy. According to him, it is a mistake to hire huge numbers just to get some complicated job to execute, because numbers will never compensate for talent in getting the right answer. He says that two or three heads who combined do not do better than one, will only slow down progress and make the task ridiculously expensive. So before you try to employ way out of your jam, think of this jot of wisdom from one of the very best. Find the right talent, and don’t start pulling off some 300 Spartans recruitment.

Always Question Yourself

Fine, you are your own boss. You are not answerable to anyone. But you need to questions yourself from time to time. It’s easy to think that some with Musk’s calibre would be content with his efforts, but you are being mistaken. According to the millionaire himself, he never stops striving to improve on himself. Despite being the supreme overlord of the business, it’s critical that you have a feedback loop, where you always think of actions and how they can be done better. And what’s the better way to get things done more efficiently than to question yourself? If Musk doesn’t rest on his laurels, why should you?

Be Persistent

The “raddest man alive” teaches entrepreneurs that persistence actually pays. Not all of his career lessons are off the wall and unexpected. Some of the time, his actions and their results prove that conventional wisdom is ideal. Elon attaches an enormous premium to persistence, citing it as a very important thing that no entrepreneur shop give up on unless they are fiercely forced to. Well, resilience is pretty much what everyone needs to succeed. So if Musk needed it too, you definitely need it more.

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