How Much Does Web Design Cost

How Much Does Web Design Cost?

When people ask the question above, they assume there is an overall general cost for designing websites all over the world. This isn’t exactly true. Of course, there are standards that must be considered when considering the average cost of building a website. But, in different parts of the world, the cost of building a website is as different as the people tend to be.

When planning for the cost of designing a website or getting a website done, you have to consider a number of things. Apart from the cost of buying a domain name and the cost of hosting your proposed website, there are many more things that should be put into consideration when designing a website.

These factors for consideration form the process and tools involved in building the website. And the average cost would range variably, depending on the hosting plan, the hosting platform, the web developer or designer and the various additions implemented to ensure the website functions optimally and is secured for users.

Let us consider a few of the important things to consider when building or designing a website and how they are important.

#1: Domain Name Costs

The first step to designing your website is ensuring you have a domain name available for the purpose you are designing the website. Before commencing work on designing a website, you have to consider the cost of securing a domain name. The average cost of getting a domain name varies from platform to platform and the type of domain name you are buying (.org, .com, .net, .gov, etc.).

On the average, however, domain names cost between $20 and $100 depending on the platform selling the domain name to you and what their sales policy is. To cut cost, it is advisable to get a domain name from a platform that offers cheap domain names. This way, you don’t

#2: Cost of Hiring a Web Designer

Often, the cost of hiring a web designer is considered comparatively high depending on the skill and expertise of the individual and the experience they have on the job. Hiring a web designer is often quite expensive and this is probably one of the areas where you are expected to spend more money.

The average cost of hiring a web designer is perched around $50 to $200 daily and, as projects like this can span a number of days, it is expected that the cost of hiring a web designer is going to eat deep into your budget for your web design project.

#3: Cost of Hosting Plans

Hosting plans vary from package, to quality to type of hosting platform. Cloud hosting platforms, for example, cost higher comparatively than hosting companies that use other different hosting platforms. This is because cloud hosting is often considered more reliable and safer compared to the other available platforms.

When choosing a hosting plan, choose one that fits your budget, can hold and cater for the content of your website and has SSL certificates to protect your user data from hackers or intrusions.

#4: Content Creation

Creating content for your website is another aspect to consider when calculating the cost of designing a website. Content creation requires a large amount of your budget because it is a consistent or continuous process (unless in some rare cases where content is fixed).

#5: Maintenance

The one aspect of designing a website that plays a major role in the survival of that website overtime is the maintenance of that website. Without proper maintenance, your website will die away slowly. This is why it is important to consider the cost of maintenance when drafting your budget cost for designing a website.

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