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How Search Engines Will Look Like In The Next Generation

It’s easy to just insert a search item on Google or Jstor and expect to see millions – if not billions – of results. The fast rate at which we access online information has become second nature, as such that when it’s slow, we raise on hell of an eyebrow. But in as much as you seem comfy with what you get today, have you ever spared a thought for what search will look like in say the next ten years? If there’s anything we know and believe about technology, it’s that it is always changing, hopping from new bandwagon on to the next. For the tech lovers out there and for sheer wannabe-enthusiasts, here’s what the future of search may look like.

Voice Search

Well, the number of voice searches has increased tremendously, happening year after year ever since mobile devices were popularised. As of today, voice search is becoming less of a novelty and assuming something in resemblance to a new standard. Internet users, most especially users, are more comfortable searching for information with the use of a basic conversational phrase. Rare are those who even consider which keywords to include when speaking in a query. In the future, there will be a huge push for semantic search capabilities, the reduction of value in traditional keyword strategies and an open avenue for long-tail phrase optimization.

IoT Interactions

As there’s already the emergence of more and more tightly interconnected devices, the search engine will become more and more capable of fetching data faster and more efficiently than ever. Take Windows’ Cortana for example – it’s the final product of an idea which looked to allow users to search their local machines and the internet at the same time. If you have ever tried doing this without this provision before, you would very well understand what we mean when we say that tomorrow’s smart speaker will let us search on and interact with devices. Such a forthcoming opportunity will allow us to open many new channels of potential visibility.

Casual Searches

Let’s take some time to give mobile devices some credit – they made searches much more convenient and enabled us to access the mighty Google on the go. Time was and still is when we cut cords of the equation. Moments from now and into the future, it’ll be about cutting our fingers out from the equation. Smart speakers will be within earshot, and we will be able to search for stuff online without having to reach into our pockets. Such level of ease and comfort will increase search volume, and drastically change what people search for. In the same way, mobile searches experienced a corresponding increase in local search results, on-demands searches will as well look onto even more pressing consumer needs.

We should count ourselves lucky for living in an age where the internet makes everything easy. We have great access to information from all parts of the world, like anything you possibly want to know. But the web is not only about sourcing info, but also about retrieving it in a meaningful manner whenever needed.

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