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How To Automate Your Business With Slack

If you haven’t read about it somewhere or heard it off some live news, then know now that it’s only a matter of time before you are replaced by a robot at your job. The lot of the tasks we all thought were safe because they needed experience and nuance to perform are now being outdone by new age computers. According to Martin Ford who authored the Times and NPR, it is called “the threat of the jobless future”. But, come on, it’s not all bad news, because it also means that things are becoming easier, and won’t require hiring new staff. One of the ways in which this development has surfaced is in using slack to automate business activities. If you want to tap into the opportunity, here’s how to use Slack for business tasks.

Add Slackbots

Yes, you can add slackbots to the mix, as the initiative has hopped on the chatbot bandwagon to allow businesses and individuals alike add these bots to provide a variety of services. With the presence of platforms such as free ChattyPeople, you can create a chatbot in minutes without having to learn to code or have even the slightest idea of programming. This easy-to-use interface offers a drag-and-drop feature what quickly latches you on to adding with no extra stress. Chatbots from ChattyPeople can be incorporated into many messaging platforms, especially slack.

Track Your Content

Slack has created a content tracker channel that fundamentally acts as a scoreboard that keeps record of each time your website or content is being mentioned by another website. It also lets you know when your web pages or content have reached certain milestones. Each time you open this channel, you can get an overview of where your website is being featured, whether your content is being shared on Twitter and any milestone number of shares as well as view your blog has been able to receive. It also gives you the best nuggets of inf and presents itself as a highlight reel in Slack.

Use Emojis Like Crazy

Slack makes it easy for you to cheer people up with emojis. To improve the communication within your business team, you can use the science behind encouragement and send in emojis to that effects. We all need to be complimented at some point, and emojis are a fun way to let someone know to keep up the great work or just to lighten the mood. All you have to do is click on the emoji menu in a chat and select the happy animation of your choice.

Customise Your Notifications

When you are getting to know the ropes of Slack, it is critical to set your notifications accurately. Rather than having to deal with disturbance by the hours on the various channels, you can determine how often you want to hear dings and dongs on your device. You can choose how often you wish to be updated on specific projects, and change your notifications on both your computer and mobile application. Easy life.

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