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How to Be Super Productive Like Seth Godin

Seth Godin is considered one of the world’s most productive individuals and this is because of his absolute dedication to getting things done and his passion for productivity. Churning out lots of daily blog posts, and at least one book a year, Seth Godin is famous for his brilliant and inspiring ideas. In several ideas, Seth Godin has revealed several tips on how he manages to stay productive and in this blog entry, we will explore some of the tips and tricks that can help you become super productive like Seth Godin.

Set a Goal and Pursue it with Commitment

One of the things about Seth Godin is that he understands the essence and importance of setting goals and pursuing those goals with extreme commitment. If you want to be as productive as Seth Godin, this is something you should imbibe. Set your goals for a day and pursue the achievement of those goals with extreme commitment. Don’t be distracted from pursuing those goals until you accomplish them.

Cut Off Anything that Doesn’t Contribute to the Actualization of Your Goals

To be productive like Seth Godin, you need to understand that not everything is important to you. In an interview, Seth Godin revealed that he doesn’t attend meetings, watch television or engage with users on social media. He says that he spends his time, instead, on working on the things that are directly important or relevant to his life or productivity. If you want to be as productive as Seth Godin, then you need to cut off anything that doesn’t directly contribute to the actualization of your goals.

Begin Everyday with a Focused and Determined Mind

For attaining the Seth Godin productivity level, you need to understand the essence of starting every day with a clear head, a focused and determined mind and a clear plan for the day. Seth Godin reveals that the secret to accomplishing his goals is commencing each day with a clear, focused and determined mind. This way, your plans for the day are clear to you and you would be able to form clear plans for handling those plans. A disorganized mind is dangerous for the day as it will rubbish your plans and disrupt your thinking patterns.

Be the Master of Your Time; Be the Master of Your Life

One surefire way to owning the business of your life and achieving the productivity level of someone like Seth Godin, you need to understand how to be in control of your time and how to be the master of your life. You need to be able to structure your plans, manage your time and arrange your business in a way that doesn’t steal your life from you. This way, you have time for being productive in the things that really matter to you.

Focus on One Task at a Time and Crush it

Every day, pick one task from your retinue and focus your time on handling and crushing that task successfully. This may seem like a boring way to go about productivity, but it is really functional and effective. This is because when you focus on one task at a time, you focus all your time and energy into crushing that one task.

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