How to Find an Instagram Influencer

How to Find an Instagram Influencer

Influencer marketing is growing. Since it became a thing, hiring the services of influencers for implementing your marketing plan has become a thing of importance. Also, considering the fact that consumers are becoming more and more familiar with the workings of the internet and social media platforms, it is becoming more and more imperative for businesses to grow in line with the quality of social media influencers they have in their employ.

Instagram influencers are individuals with a large following on the social networking platform and who offer their platform and their reach for marketing campaigns, specially tailored and targeted to reach a specific audience base with a specific kind of messaging that they will definitely resonate with and fully understand.

This kind of marketing is very much unlike traditional advertising and marketing campaigns. This is different because with Instagram influencers, brands can build trust with the audience and reach them with personalized messaging that turns an audience into steadfast customers or active users of a brand or product.

Nevertheless, it is becoming increasingly difficult and tasking for businesses to find Instagram influencers that resonate with their brands and speak to their target audience in a way traditional advertising will not. This desperation to find the right Instagram influencer often results in frustration.

But, we have the perfect framework for finding an Instagram influencer that suits your brand perfectly.

By implementing these tips we are going to share in this blog post, you will land the Instagram influencer specially positioned for your brand’s success.

Ready? Dig in…

#1: Why Do You Need an Instagram Influencer?

Before deciding to hire an Instagram influencer, first find out why you need an Instagram influencer. Many businesses hire influencers just because they have rivals who are hiring influencers.

Before jumping on the Instagram influencers bandwagon, first evaluate your brand or business needs and consider whether or not you actually need to engage your consumers through an Instagram influencer.

Having a goal in mind before engaging an Instagram influencer in your marketing campaign will help keep you and the influencer on track for the period of the campaign. This way, there will a singularity of vision and objective and achieving the goal becomes more certain.

#2: What Story are they Selling?

Instagram influencers use storytelling to sell brands and the products they represent. These stories are often engaging and immersive in a way that captures attention and holds it. In finding the right Instagram influencer for your brand or product, consider one that has a unique voice that inspires interaction with the consumers of the product.

#3: Reach over Size

Most people seem to believe that a large following equals reliable influencer. The truth is, reach is more profitable than size. There are Instagram influencers that have less than 10k followers but average about 5k in engagement metrics per post. The same way there are those who have about 2 million followers and hardly reach 3k people.

These metrics are important for consideration when choosing an Instagram influencer. Always consider that reach is more profitable than size.

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