How to Use Instagram Hashtags to Expand Your Reach

With the arrival of Instagram, businesses geared up for a turnaround in marketing. Instagram provided a means by which people could reach hundreds of thousands of other people from the comfort of their homes or offices and with the hashtag feature, it is even easier to reach people from all walks of life with your content. Thus, Instagram hashtags have grown to be known for their importance in social media marketing as more and more people are rushing to it for their campaign needs on the social media platform. But what is the function of these hashtags?

Hashtags are to Instagram what keywords are to search engines. They are the keywords of the social media space. Apart from Instagram, there are other social media platforms which use hashtags to optimize content for users. On Instagram, hashtags are used to bring users closer to content that they may find interesting or appealing and it is efficient because Instagram hashtags do not require the strict ranking requirements of Google and other search engines. Using Instagram hashtags to expand your reach is possible in simple steps that will be elaborated further in this article.

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Research the Trending Hashtags for Your Niche

For every niche that is obtainable on Instagram, there are always trending hashtags for that niche. These trending hashtags show digital marketing strategists what people are talking about more and helps them plan their social media marketing campaigns to reach more people using those hashtags.

Just like keyword research, learning about which hashtags to place your content under is important if you don’t want to be wasting resources and effort in your campaign on worthless hashtags. The research tells you how many people are talking about a particular idea or product, in what areas and it gives you insight to how their conversations are structured in that hashtag.

There are many mobile apps which are available for business owners to use in determining what hashtags are trending for their niche and how many people are trending on what hashtag. This, in turn, helps you to structure your campaign on the social media platform to reach those people with your own content and product.

Implement Research and Deploy Hashtags

After determining what hashtags are relevant for your niche, the next step is to structure your content and deploy with the hashtags. This aspect is pretty easy to accomplish. Once you determine whether or not a hashtag with help you reach a certain amount of people, the next step is to make sure that the hashtag or hashtags is included in your content before posting onto Instagram for the world.

The good thing about this is there are no rules to follow for hashtag deployment. With your own discretion, you can deploy as many as fifteen or more hashtags for one post. Also, these hashtags need to be different in structure and form but they could be of the same class or niche if you like.

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