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How to Rank #1 on Google

Every website owner or admin has a primary concern to rank on Google. For most, the goal is even more ambitious – to rank as number one on the search engine for specific search keywords. This ambition is in no way out of place. In fact, this should be the ambition of anyone in-charge of managing a website or blog. Ranking number one on Google is one very effective way of establishing your content on the web and telling users you know what you are talking about. Apart from helping to generate traffic, ranking number one on Google means you know what you are saying on a particular issue.

However, ranking number one on Google is not as easy as it sounds or seems. This is because, just like you, there are several others working hard to rank for the same keywords as you. And you can bet that some of these people would probably have more resources at their disposal than you do. This means, you have to consider other ways by which you can make your website or blog to rank number one on Google without having to break the bank. Here, we will consider some of the surefire ways to help you rank number one on Google without spending too much.

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Content is King for Ranking

Experts keep saying it and this is even more practical than it is said: content is king. It is through content that humans interact with technology and considering the recent improvements on the google search engine system, generic content is becoming less effective for ranking number one on google.

Creating interactive content that is not only relevant to the user but also comprehensible for the user is an important factor to consider for ranking number one on Google. Google’s latest result curating system is a machine learning technology which optimizes content for users by considering the context of the content.

This means that for your content to be effective, it needs to answer the questions of the user in a way that the user really understands and relates with.

Session Duration

Many people do not consider this, but it is one very efficient way for the search engine systems to determine that your content really is relevant and interactive for the user. Session duration is the amount of time every user spends on your website before they go back to the results page.

In order to improve your session duration, you need to create content that is relevant to the needs of the user and which engages them well enough to hold them on till they reach the end of the content page. The Google ranking system has a way of monitoring and measuring the amount of time each user spends on your page and using it to rank your website.

Website Safety

Ensuring that your website is safe for users is a very effective way of ranking number one on Google. There are ways to ensure this and the most efficient way is to ensure your domain has an SSL certificate which ensures that your site is secured.

It is also important to ensure that your site does not contain links to malicious content on other platforms because that too could affect how your site is ranked on the search engine. This means you have to focus on sanitizing your website from time to time to ensure it is safe for users.

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