seo for beginners

SEO for Beginners

You have probably heard of SEO or search engine optimization but if you haven’t, it is simply described as the processes involved in the positioning of a website or blog to rank on the search engines for specific keywords. Search Engine Optimization follows a strategic pattern of creating and managing content for a website with the aim to generate more traffic by showing up at the top of search engine results for any number of keywords or search phrases.

Accomplishing a Search Engine Optimization strategy for your website means you are taking steps to accomplish any number of goals with your website on the search engine. In this article, we will consider some terms which are generally related to SEO with the aim of helping beginners become familiar with them and with the general concept of search engine optimization.

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Keywords Research

When people search for things on the internet, they do so by typing a string of words on the provided space in a search engine – you are probably familiar with this because that is how you find information on the web. This string of words is referred to as keywords. These words are the key to finding specific content with the information you need and search engines use these keywords to rank websites based on their potential to be relevant to the user.

The process of researching keywords involves searching for keywords that users who need your product or service are typing in the search engines. When you know what string of words they are searching for, you can tailor your content to contain those words in order to be able to rank for those words.


Backlinks are a very important way of optimizing a website for the search engine. With the right kind of backlinks, you are telling the search engine that your platform can be trusted well enough to be referenced on other sources.

Backlinks are basically inbound links from other websites or platforms into your own websites. For some people, backlinks are built through guest writing or publishing, while some others use social media platforms to generate backlinks. The major thing is to get inbound links to your site from competent platforms or websites.

There are some other backlinking methods available and there are some that are forbidden if you don’t want your site to suffer. So, when settling for a backlink strategy, be careful not to implement something that is or would be detrimental to your website.

Content Wins

For search engine optimization, content remains a vital and crucial aspect to take note of. Content is the audio-visual, or textual information that internet users find on your website or blog when they are looking for specific information on the internet.

A website without content cannot be optimized for search engine. A website is practically useless without content. This is because content is used to show users the way and point them to a solution. Without content, search engine optimization will not happen. So, it is vital to consider this aspect very well when preparing for SEO.

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