Tips to Create Compelling Content

Tips to Create Compelling Content

You have heard it being said; content is king. You have heard and read time and time again that the best way to engage an audience is to create content that they find stimulating, compelling, interactive, relevant, helpful, etc. and now, you are faced with the dilemma of creating content that fits into these descriptions.

Sometimes, creating content can be difficult where there isn’t sufficient information on the needs and expectations of the target audience. Content that is created with emphasis on the intention of the owner than on the need of the audience will struggle to connect with the audience.

There are certain processes that should be followed when creating compelling content. And there are different tips you can implement to create compelling content and reach your audience with the information they need and would find useful. In this blog entry, we will consider some of these tips and how you can implement them to scale your user engagement.

#1. Identify and Understand the Needs of Your Audience

Compelling content is determined by the audience satisfaction. From the click-through-rate, to the audience engagement feedback, to the rate of conversion of the content, the success of content on the digital space is determined by the audience.

This is why it is important for content creators to pay attention to identifying and understanding the needs of their audience. As a service provider or a product distributor or designer, your research should consider the challenges your target audience face and how your content can be beneficial for them.

You have to ask yourself important questions and these questions must be from the perspective of the audience in order for it to be considered objective enough to serve that audience. Once you have identified and understood the needs of your audience, creating compelling content that solves that need for them becomes easier.

#2: Establish a Compilation of Ideas that your Audience Relates with

The next step to creating compelling content is establishing a compilation of things or ideas that your audience relate with or communicate through. Your source could be a social media trend, or a frequently asked question page.

By gathering information on ideas that your target audience is more likely to be looking at, you can get an idea of what they find useful and how you can expand on that to create compelling content that they cannot resist and that is useful to them.

#3: Implement the CURVE Method

First, understand your audience and their needs. Next, establish a compilation of ideas they relate with. Then, implement the CURVE method to create content that your audience would find compelling any time they come across it.

The CURVE represents Curiosity, Urgency, Relevancy, Value, and Emotion. You don’t even need to implement all of the CURVE elements in every single content you put out. Just the ones that resonate well with your audience.

Originally, this method was developed for creating irresistible email subject lines. However, it works perfectly for general content creation, irrespective of the medium it is being implemented through.


Content is a very important aspect of building a brand or business on the internet and content creation is vital for accomplishing effective marketing strategies. However, it is content that is compelling that will draw the audience in and convince them to engage with your product or service. Do it right.

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