Web Design Trends for 2019

Understanding trends perfectly gives room for them to undergo criticisms or remarks. There’s a lot of opinions about this but what matters actually is the understanding of the purpose and intents of trends emergence and their adoption. No doubt about the fact that they are good pointers about our cultural development in the area of what we love, what we have chosen to hate, what we have plans to transform into. Once we get to realize these things perfectly, we would know how to perfectly communicate to other people emotionally.

We can as well say that the historians, fashion critics, and web designers of the future will have a tale to tell when they look back at all we’ve done in this era and I believe it will eventually be the foremost trends of our day.

So what are the major trends that we hope to see even in this year 2019:

  1. 3-dimensional illustration

Let’s talk about the new psychology Pitch is selling to us. It is quite obvious that Pitch wants us to understand that the future is not flat as we thought. Pitch and Stripe have thrown their brand weight behind a new-old-fashioned form of illustration: 3D.

Designers have given the impression that they want more than the cut-out illustration style by Slack. Now they want to add depth and realism to graphics itself which is designed to blur the boundaries between the digital and physical world.

We can look at it from am angle and in this sense, this design in itself sharpens the contrast between products and humans even as it closes the gap between imaginary spaces where people can grasp and manipulate digital elements just like the graphs and icons in Pitch’s hero section).

  1. Serifs on screen

Who knows the popular rule that series are for print and San series for screen? Now that’s why there’s something called trend to give a new eye view to all that we’ve been accustomed to.

Sans is actually popular for the fact that it is clean and readable and it is where everyone seem to go to for longer bouts of website copy. Subtly and drastically, more brands are focusing on the bold serifs in other aspects of their designs suacj as the headers and callouts. Do you know why? Well, it’s because serifs were designed to be decorative, making them the best option for emphasis.

  1. Outlined type

This is true to the uttermost, design-driven brands are crazy about typography and they are one always anxious about the next emerging trend.

Columbia sportswear co. logo uses outlined type for “Columbia. Also, Silver Island font-face update jumps on the trend of outlined type.

This half-there, half-gone type of text has an appearance that immediately draws in and holds the eye, pinning you down to the point that you follow the letterforms to their natural conclusion. This makes it a handy technique to carry out some memorable branding.

Well, the world is full of sans serifs, trying out a lighter letter form really gives a good traditional feeling.

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