Website Design and Development

Website Design and Development

The website design and development of your website is the cornerstone of your business. When you advertise, you want to direct people to one of two places: Your store, and your website. If you’re using a website (and trust me, you have to!) then you need to put time, effort, and (probably) money into it.

A good website doesn’t just appear. There are plenty of options to develop your own website. If you’re more of a do-it-yourself kind of person, a website that offers you options to create your website entirely on your own is what you need. There are several different options for this, like Wix or WordPress. They offer you templates, help, and various options that let you make your site. If you aren’t very good with source code and HTML, these are good options. You can add pages, edit the text on them, insert links and photos. Your site can look professional after just a few clicks. The problem with this is a lack of originality.

If you use existing tools to create your site, your site will exist. It will be live for the world to see. The problem with this, however, is that if you use a template to create your site, then there is a chance that different websites all over the world will resemble yours. Point and click websites are easy to create, so many people do. If you’re fine with your site being the mirror image of someone else’s, that’s fine. But if not, I have a better suggestion: Hire a professional.

Template websites, even if they’re from different website generators, often look the same. Your customers can tell. A professional website developer will take time and research to make sure your website is perfect for your target audience. They will create the perfect website design and development for your company, help you cater your content to your market, and make sure your site is unlike anything else out there. The money paid towards a website design and development agency makes sure that your website traffic can be converted to actual paying customers. The customization offered by a website design and development firm cannot be compared to by the DIY websites.

When you hire a firm to help create your website, they can boost your Search Engine Optimization. SEO is critical to making sure that organic searches draw in new users to your website. DIY websites have source code that can drag down websites created in them, and can interfere with SEO. The static, template website you get with most pay-your-way creators leave you a website that gets bogged down and left behind by search engines. Why compete with that extra stress?

Individually designed websites also offer you something DIY websites can’t: Individualized functionality. Do you need a membership management system? Maybe you want your site to have a specific contact system to allow your customers to interact with you. Need specific customer service solutions? All of these things can be created in a custom-tailored website. They cannot be done by the DIY solutions.

Your business deserves a custom, individualized website. You need a website design and development plan that your customers won’t recognize as more of the same, but will identify as uniquely yours. Do your customers a favor: Go the extra mile to create your website.

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